The Antecedent Store relooks our origins and through this understanding brings out the charm of our culture, infusing contemporary elements into our products. The result is a fashionable and stylish identity.
追随人文的渊源 结合时尚的风采

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Blossom & Brilliance: The Floral Elegance Collection

Blossom & Brilliance is more than just a jewelry collection. It's a celebration of nature's delicate beauty and the allure of crystal adornments.
When you adorn yourself with Blossom & Brilliance, you wear a story. You wear the beauty of nature, and the timeless charm of crystals.
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A Heritage Reimagined: Peranakan Artistry

The Antecedent Store X Evonne Tan
This is a creative collaboration between The Antecedent Store and our artist in residence, Evonne Tan.
This collaboration an artistic revelation, echoing the captivating Peranakan heritage. Intricate, vibrant Peranakan art illustrations adorn each piece, blending rich heritage with modern style and making a contemporary fashion statement.
Embrace the Peranakan spirit with pride, for these earrings are not mere jewelry; they are contemporary works of art that honor the past while celebrating the infinite possibilities of the future.
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