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Special collaboration with local artist and ink tattooist, ink.tattooist, whose stunning Oriental pieces captivate and inspire. With a delicate blend of tradition and innovation, her work brings ancient symbolism to life in breathtaking detail. Each tattoo is a masterpiece, weaving together culture, artistry, and personal expression in an unforgettable way.
In this collaboration we embark on a journey where ink meets couture with a one-of-a-kind collaboration between The Antecedent Store and Ink.tattooist. This collaboration celebrates tradition, modern arts and fashion. Explore a realm where artistry and culture converge, redefining fashion with an avant-garde edge that honors both heritage and contemporary flair.
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The Antecedent Store X Boss & Olly

Introducing a unique fusion of style and companionship: a special collaboration between The Antecedent Store and Boss & Olly.
From chic bandanas to matching accessories, this collaboration celebrates the love for pets. Whether strolling the streets or lounging at home, pets and their owners can now showcase their unique sense of style together, thanks to this innovative partnership.
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The Antecedent Store X Evonne Tan

A Heritage Reimagined: Peranakan Artistry

This is a creative collaboration between The Antecedent Store and our artist in residence, Evonne Tan.
These earrings are an artistic revelation, echoing the captivating Peranakan heritage. Intricate, vibrant Peranakan art illustrations adorn each piece, blending rich heritage with modern style and making a contemporary fashion statement.
Embrace the Peranakan spirit with pride, for these earrings are not mere jewelry; they are contemporary works of art that honor the past while celebrating the infinite possibilities of the future.
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