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Floral Jade Donut Earrings - 14K Plated Jewelry

Floral Jade Donut Earrings - 14K Plated Jewelry

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Adorn yourself with our Floral Jade Earrings, a testament to modern elegance and tradition. Each piece is a reminder of the enduring beauty of tradition and the allure of contemporary design. 

The design features a round shape jade piece that is also known as the 平安扣 - traditional shape that is believed to bring abundance, safety and peace. While Jade is a symbol of good fortune, joy and protection. 

Material: Burmese Jade | Hypoallergenic - 14K Gold Plated Earring Post / Brass / 925 Silver 

Dimension: 5.5CM x 3CM

Due to the unique nature of precious stones and freshwater pearls, exact colors and patterns may vary slightly from the picture shown.

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